vol.2 April 2012

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 ▶ A Paradigm Shift in Rehabilitation Medicine:
From “Adding Life to Years” to “Adding Life to Years and Years to Life“

Masahiro KOHZUKI, et al.・1

Compatibility of Market and Publicness in Community Service
Innovation Programs of South Korea

Gi-Yong YANG・8

Relation between sports activity experience and individual
attributes of students with intellectual disabilities in
high-school special needs education programs

Hideyuki OKUZUMI, et al.・21

A Study on the Relationship between the Community
Organizing Movement and the Emergence of Social Enterprise in Korea
-Focused on Relationship with Self-Sufficiency Project-

Moon-Kuk LEE・29

Attitudes toward suicide survivors, perspectives on suicide
and death among Japanese university students


Development Process and the Actual Situation of Social Business in Japan

Hong-Gi KIM・51

Psychological Effects of a program combining exercise with group work:
Toward to the development of an effective program for patients with diabetes mellitus

Kyoko TAGAMI, et al.・67

A Evaluative Research of the Effectiveness of the Voluntary Elder Ombudsman

Jung-Don KWON, et al.・81

The Characteristics of Children with Physical Disablities and the Curriculum
and Teaching Method for Them in the Special Needs Education

Chang-Wan HAN, et al.・94

Categorization of Consumption Expenditure and Analysis of the Factors Affecting It

- For Households with Elderly Members who Participated in

an Employment Promotion Project for the Elderly in 2011 -

Gi-Min LEE, et al.・116

Relationship between Stress-appraisals and Depression among the
Institutionalized Elderly in Korea

Jae-Jong BYUN・136

Relationship between Teacher Mental Health that Involved in Special
Needs Education and Stressor
- From the Analysis of Mental Health Check for Teachers -

Kohei MORI, et al.・144

The current situation of schoolchildren that seems developmental
disorders in general education

Aiko KOHARA, et al.・156

Implications of Community-Based Human Service Program of South
Korea in the Process of Establishing Health Support System
for the Weak People for Disasters

Keiko KITAGAWA, et al.・166

A study on the development and the issue of the small-scale sheltered
workshop for the persons with disabilities in Taiwan

Chen Liting, et al.・176

A comparative study on Quota System in Japanese and Korea 

Moon-Jung KIM, et al.・193



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