vol.3 October 2012

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How Did ‘Difficult to Involve’ Parents Emerge in Early Childhood Care and Education?
-A Discussion of Research Trends on Family Support and Relationship with Guardians

Tetsuji KAMIYA・1

The Review of the Studies on the Fall Prevention Exercise Programs for Elderly Persons

Jae-Jong BYUN・16

Current issues in driver’s license of people with intellectual disabilities

Atsushi TANAKA・32

The Changing Characteristics of In-home Care Service Providers in the U.S. and in the UK: Implications for South Korea

Yong-Deug KIM,et al.・38

Assessing Training System for Social Service Workers in South
Korea: Issues and Policy Agenda

Jae-Won LEE,et al.・60

Relationship between depression and anger

Noriko MITSUHASHI,et al.・77

Workaholism Determinant Variables of Social Workers and Care Workers
in Senior Welfare Centers in Korea

Jung-Don KWON,et al.・87

The Exploration of Financial Resources of Financial Adjustment System
and Social Welfare in Japan

Hae-Jin KWON,et al.・105

Relation between the importance of school education and after-school activity programs
and age, sex, and school type for school-aged children with disabilities

Hideyuki OKUZUMI,et al.・131

A Study on the Vitalization of Silver Industry by Analyzing the Needs of Silver
Industry in the Daejeon, South Korea

Gow-Han JIN・138

A Comparative study on Factor Analysis of the Disabled Employment between Japan and Korea

Moon-Jung KIM,et al.・153

Relationship between Teacher Mental Health that Involved
in Special Needs Education and Sence of Coherence

Kohei MORI,et al.・167

The Analysis of Disaster Mitigation System and Research on
Disaster Rehabilitation 

Keiko KITAGAWA,et al.・177

The Trend of International Research on University Learning Outcome and
Quality of Life and Mental Health of University Students

Chang-Wan HAN,et al.・189

The research trend and issue of hospital school in the education for the health impaired

Aiko KOHARA,et al.・198

Bibliographical consideration about the current situation and the problem to be solved about cooperation between teachers in hospital classrooms and other staffs 

Remi KAKUTANI,et al.・208

The Current Status and Issues in Korean Barrier-Free General School

Eun-Ae LEE,et al.・219

Approach for the problematic behaviors of autism complicated with severe and multiple disabilities
~ a case study of a first year junior high school student in daily living ~

Kazumi SUGIO,et al.・229




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