vol.6 April 2014


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Comparing the Long-Term Care Insurance Programs of Korea and Japan
: Focusing on Provisions of Care

Sunwoo LEE, et al. ・ 1

Evaluation and Reform of Self-Sufficiency Project in Korea

Injae LEE, et al. ・13

Gender Impact Analysis Assessment in Korea

Hyeran KIM ・32

The Effect of Exercise Training on Walking Ability and Health-Related Quality of Life
in Patients with Moderate to Severe Peripheral Arterial Disease

Minji KIM, et al. ・47

The Possibility of the Use of Health Related QOL in the Development of Evaluation Scale
for the Outcome of Special Needs Education
: Based on the Consideration of the Current Conditions of the Education
for Students with Health Impairment

Aiko KOHARA, et al. ・59

A Study on Planning the Employment Promotion System for Persons with Disabilities
from the Perspective of QOL in South Korea
: The Analysis and Consideration on the Act on Employment Promotion and
Vocational Rehabilitation for Disabled Persons with WHOQOL

Haejin KWON, et al. ・72

A Survey on Teachings and Supports for Children with Developmental Disabilities
in Children’s Self-Reliance Support Facilities
– The Teaching and Support in the Dormitory of the Facility –

Ko TAMASHIRO, et al. ・ 81

Children’s and Guardians’ Awareness of the Child’s Self-Determination Behavior
– A Comparative Study of Japan, China, and South Korea –

Tetsuji KAMIYA, et al. ・ 93

Study of Factors Affecting the Mental Health of Teachers Involved in Special Needs Education
– Analysis of Work Area and Employment –

Kohei MORI, et al. ・ 111


Classification of the Physical Disabilities and Actual Conditions
of Visceral Impairment in Japan

Masahiro KOHZUKI ・ 125

Experience of Struggle Against Cancer in Japanese Childhood Cancer Survivors:
a Review

Shogo HIRATA, et al. ・ 138


A Study on Social Work Support of the Early Intervention to the Families
Whose Members are the Foreign Residents in Taiwan
– Focusing on the Interaction with the Social Barriers –

Liting CHEN ・ 149



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