vol.7 October 2014


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The Managerial Tasks and Coping Strategies of Community Social Service Provider:
The Case of Jeju National University Sorieoulim Music Mentoring Center

Junghee KIM, et al.  ・ 1

Effects of pointing movements on visuospatial working memory

Yuhei OI, et al. ・16

Community Social Service and Public-Private Partnership

Youngaa RYOO ・23

Non-Formal Education and Political Participation in Post-Socialist Countries

Hokeun YOO ・38

Care Service Staff’s Awareness of the Management of Undernutrition in Japan

Yuko FUJIO, et al. ・51

The Development of the Special Needs Education Assessment Tool (SNEAT) to 
Evaluate the Educational Outcome of Special Needs Education:
Centering on the Content Validity Verification

Aiko KOHARA, et al. ・60

Identification of Actual States of Training for people with
Intellectual Disabilitiesin Driving School: From Questionnaire
Survey on Specific Driving School in Chiba and Okinawa

Atsushi TANAKA ・72

The Theoretical analysis and consideration on the Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR):
Focus on Economic perspective

Moonjung KIM ・86

An aim of the disaster prevention for safety live of the elderly requiring the long term care

Keiko KITAGAWA ・100

Review of the Studies on Exercise Genomics

Jaejong BYUN ・116

Development of Scale to Special Needs Education Assessment Tool(SNEAT)

Changwan HAN, et al. ・125

The Current Situation and Issues of Education 
Centers’ Information Provision regarding Special Needs Education:
Information Provision via Websites

Kohei MORI, et al. ・135



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