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Who Intends to Leave Residential Institutions for Persons with Disabilities in Korea?

Sunwoo LEE ・  1

Measuring Inhibitory Control without Requiring Reading Skill

Hideyuki OKUZUMI, et al. ・13

▶ The Current Condition and Underlying Problems of Social Service in Korea

Taekyun YOO, et al. ・20

Impact of Movement Cost on Income and Expenditure Ratio in
Home-Visit Long-Term Care Service Businesses in Japan

Hitoshi SASAKI, et al. ・34

Study of Treatments and their Effects on Behaviour Improvement of
Children with Problem Behaviour such as ADHD

Eonji KIM, et al. ・51

The Development of Inclusive Education Assessment Indicator(IEAI) and
the Analysis of Laws and Institutional Policies in Japan

Changwan HAN, et al. ・66

The Effects of a Self-management Support Program for Lifestyle-related Diseases on
Communication Skills of Nursing Students

Kyoko TAGAMI, et al. ・81

The Development Draft of the Outcome Evaluation Tool for Companies
Employing Persons with Disabilities in Japan and Korea:
The Development Draft Evaluation Tool to the Social Conribution

Outcome and Evaluation Index to the Management Outcome

Moonjung KIM, et al. ・90

A Study on the Development of Employment System Assessment Indicator &
Tool for Persons with Disabilities from the Perspective of QOL

Haejin KWON, et al. ・107

The Definitions of Multimorbidity and Multiple
Disabilities(MMD) and the Rehabilitation for MMD

Masahiro KOHZUKI ・120

The Effects of Exercise, Cognitive Intervention and Combined Exercise and
Cognitive Intervention in Alder Adults with Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease:
a literature review

Minji KIM, et al. ・131

A Study of “Cultural Competence” in Taiwanese Social Work Research:
Using Quantitative Content Analysis

Liting CHEN ・152

The Current Situation and Limitation of Learning Support for Students with Disabilities in Japan:
Support for Students with Visual, Auditory, and Physical Disabilities

Kohei MORI, et al. ・162

Examination of the Issues with and the Support System of
Volunteer Activity for Elderly People with Dementia

Misako NOTO, et al. ・177

A Study on the Use of ICT Education Indicators (Draft) Development in Special Needs Education:
Focus on Japan and South Korea

Sunhee LEE ・189



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