Vol.9 October 2015


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Provision of a family-care seminar for 64 demented individuals using Takeuchi’s theory :

A family-led dementia-alleviation program

Megumi KODAIRA, et al.  ・1

A Social Service Strategy for a Low Birth Rate and an Aged Society

Youngaa RYOO, et al. ・17

The Development of Inclusive Education Support Assessment Tool (IE-SAT)

Atsushi TANAKA ・33

The Performance of Culture and Arts Support Program for Persons 

with Disabilities as the Means of Cultural Marketing and the Tasks for its Development :

Based on the Survey on the Current State of the Awareness of Culture and Arts Support Program of the Companies for Persons with Disabilities in South Korea

Moonjung KIM, et al. ・46

The Verification of the Reliability and Validity of Inclusive Education Assessment Tool (IEAT)

Changwan HAN, et al. ・63

Conditions and Limitations of Internet-based Information Sharing on

Autistic Spectrum Disorders at Regional Youth Support Station

Kohei MORI, et al. ・73



A Study of the New System for Certifying Disabilities and Undertaking Needs Assessment

for Persons with Disabilities in Taiwan :

Focusing on the Introduction of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability

and Health (ICF) Adopted by the World Health Organization

Liting CHEN, et al. ・86

A Concept Analysis of Quality of Dying and Death (QODD) for Non-cancer Patients :

From the Perspective of Palliative Care

Minji KIM, et al. ・96

Longitudinal Verification of the Relationship between Psychological, Physiological

and Pathological Changes and the Outcome of Classes

Aiko KOHARA, et al. ・107



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