vol.1 September 2011

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 Employment Policies for Older Individuals in Advanced Countries:Implications
for Employment Policies for Older Individuals in South Korea

In-Jae LEE, et al. ・1

▶ Evidence-Based Practices for Rehabilitation Services in Asian
countries : Applications and Recommendations

Hyun-Uk SHIN・20

 Relationship between Teacher Expertise that Involved in Special
Needs Education and Burnout Syndrome

― From the Analysis of Mental Health Check for Teachers―

Kouhei MORI, et al. ・31

▶ Study on the Institution, Law and Finance of Special
Education in South Korea

Chang-Wan HAN, et al. ・41

▶ The Effect and Policy Tasks of Care Services for the Elderly Living
Alone in South Korea

Jung-Don KWON, et al. ・59

▶ The Current Situation and Tasks of Hospital Schools for Students
with Health Impairment in South Korea

Chang-Wan HAN, et al. ・77

 Causes of Transition from Institution to Group Home for the
Persons with Intellectual Disability, Analyzed with the ICF

Atsushi TANAKA, et al. ・100

 The Present Condition of Mental Health in Teachers that engaged in
Special Needs Education
― From the Analysis of GHQ28 for Teachers―

Kouhei MORI, et al. ・112

▶ Research of Support Function of General Support
Center at the Time of Disaster

Keiko KITAGAWA, et al. ・120

▶ Behavioral and cognitive change of elderly with mild dementia
that participated in the “cooking” program

Hiroki INAGAKI・131

 The report of the certification of IPR (Instructor of Power Rehabilitation) for South Korea

Yoshiki KATAOKA, et al. ・142




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