vol.5 October 2013


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A Research Study on the Disaster Consciousness of Employees of Rehabilitation Facilities for the Disabled in Japan

Keiko KITAGAWA,et al. ・1

The Quantity and Quality of Information and the Levels of Satisfaction on the CSI Mentoring
Services for Children

Euna JUNG,et al. ・12

Study on the Needs of Health, Medical and Welfare Services for the Elderly and the Actual
Status of Using Those Services in South Korea -In the Aspect of Building the Connecting System of Health, Medical and Welfare Services-

Changwan HAN,et al. ・39

A Study on the Calculate of Korea Mandatory Rate of the Disabled

Moonjung KIM,et al. ・54

A Survey on Teachings and Supports for Children with Developmental Disabilities in Children’s Self-Reliance Support Facilities -The Educational Support in the Branch School Attached to the Facility-

Ko TAMASHIRO,et al. ・64

A Study on the Assignments and Factors Affecting the Qualitative Digital Divide of People
with Disabilities in South Korea

Sunhee LEE,et al. ・78

The Review of the Studies on Exercise Programs for Cancer Patients

Jaejong BYUN ・91

A Framework for Resilience Research in Parents of Children with Developmental Disorders

Kota SUZUKI,et al. ・104

Bibliographical Consideration about the Cooperation with Hospital Classrooms and Other Staffs
-From Previous Report in the Conference of the Japanese Association of Special Education-

Kohei MORI,et al. ・112


A Study on the Research of the Social Work of Early Intervention of the Children with
Disabilities in Taiwan - Focusing on the Social Work with the “Involuntary” Family-

Liting CHEN  ・121

Approach to the Educational Needs of Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities by Visiting Education

Nagako KASHIKI,et al. ・133



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