Vol.2 February 2015



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Study on the Activation of Able-Art through the Corporate Mecenat

Moonjung KIM, et al.・ 1

▶ Corsi Blocks Task Complexity Effects in People with Intellectual Disabilities

Yuhei OI, et al. ・ 22

 Current Situation and Issues of Inclusive Education System in Okinawa: Analysis Using the Inclusive Education Assessment Tool(IEAT)

Natsuki YANO, et al. ・ 30

▶ The Comparison and Consideration of Support Services for the Students with Disabilities in Higher Education Institutions in Japan and South Korea: In the Aspect of the Career Education for the Employment Promotion of Persons with Disabilities

Haejin KWON, et al. ・ 46


 The Effect of Complementary and Alternative Medicines on Cognitive Function in Alzheimer’s Disease: A Systematic Review

Minji KIM, et al. ・ 64

▶ Research Trends and Prospects of Psychological Tests on Children of Intellectual Disabilities

Aiko KOHARA, et al. ・80

▶ Approach to the Educational Needs of Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities by Visiting Education

Eunae LEE, et al. ・ 95

▶ A Study of “Cultural Competence” in Social Work Education Research:

Using Quantitative Content Analysis on English-Written Literature

Liting CHEN ・106

▶ Research Trends and Issues of Foreign Language Activities in Special Needs School

Minami KINJO, et al. ・116

▶ Principles and Curriculum of Education Recommended for Children with Intellectual Disabilities:

Working Memory Training for Children with ID: A Review

Shogo HIRATA, et al. ・124

▶ A General View of Construct and Characteristics of Self-evaluation Depression Scale in Japan

Kohei MORI, et al. ・135



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