Vol.3 February 2016




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Psychological Effects of a Calm-Down Space on the Physiological Stress Reaction

of Children with Disabilities:

Comparison of Children with Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities and

Children with Mental Retardation

Tomonori KARITA.  ・1

▶ Key Factors that Changed the Attitudes of Students with Hearing Impairments in Higher Education Institutions to Receiving Assistance

Takuo SUGINAKA, et al. ・15

▶ Current Status and Issues of Employment persons with disabilities in Corporate:

Focusing Fact-finding Survey of Employment persons with disabilities in Corporate

Moonjung KIM. ・28

▶ The Verification of the Reliability and Validity of Employment Promotion Tool for Persons with Disabilities in the Aspect of the Quality of Life(QOL-EPAT)

Haejin KWON, et al. ・46

▶ Development of the Scale to Cooperative Relationship Assessment Tool for Inclusive Education:

Centering on the Content Validity Verification

Haruna TERUYA, et al. ・57

▶ Current Situation and Priority Issues of Inclusive Education System in Okinawa:

Evaluation and Analysis Using the IEAT (Inclusive Education Assessment Tool)

Natsuki YANO, et al. ・70

▶ Development of the IN-Child (Inclusive Needs Child) Record

Changwan HAN, et al. ・84



▶ A Study on the International Trends and Prospects of Physical Activity and Health Promotion in Active Aging

Minji KIM. ・100



▶ Effects of Exercise Interventions on Balance Function in Frail Older Adults:

A Literature Review

Chaeyoon CHO, et al. ・115



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