Digital preservation can be seen as the set of processes and activities that ensure information which now exists in digital formats is backed up and distributed to guarantee continued access for the long term. The digital content of the journal is extremely valuable, and measures are in place to ensure both its current accessibility and long-term preservation. The preservation policy includes the following measures:

Abstracting/Indexing services

The journal's Abstracting/Indexing services store many essential information about the articles. Additionally, our journal’s Abstracting/Indexing service archive the electronic versions of the articles. 


The author may archive the final published version of their articles in personal repositories immediately after publication.

If journal stops publishing

We intend and expect to continue to publish our journal for a very long time. If, due to some rare, unfortunate circumstances, we are forced to stop publishing the journal, the manuscripts published in the journal will be kept online and accessible to the readers for at least 10 more years. When required under specific conditions, such as discontinuation of the collection or catastrophic failure of the website, the content will be accessible through J-STAGE URL below.

The J-STAGE which is an online platform for Japanese academic journals offers support to publishers for the entire publication process, from submission and peer-review process to publishing.

Published 1, August, 2022

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