Vol.26 │ April, 2024 


A Pragmatic Study of School Bullying in Wonder Movie

Duaa Abd Al-Haleem MAHDI & Israa Burhanuddin ABDURRAHMAN


Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 1-18. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.1

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Experiences of People with Visual Impairment Interacting with Others after the COVID-19 Pandemic in Japan: A Qualitative Study

Chizuru YAMAOKA, Kenji AWAMURA, Hana KIYOHARA & Yoshiyasu ITO


Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 19-29. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.19

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Factors Associated with Eating Disorder Tendency in University Students after the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mina YAKABE, Manami OZEKI, Noriko OZAWA, Rieko MUTA, Kimiko YAMAMOTO & Tomokazu SUGAYA


Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 30-45. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.30

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Contingencies of Self-Worth, Contentment of Sources of Self-Worth, and Self-Esteem among Japanese High School Students

Shuhei OGAWA & Michio KOJIMA


Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 46-59. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.46

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Philanthropic and Functional Motivation of DREAMS Afterschool Intervention

Programme Volunteers: A Correlational Study

Prakasha G S, Lijo THOMAS, Roseline F GOMES & Jestine JOSEPH


Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 60-73. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.60

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Queer Mothering in Myself Mona Ahmed: A Matricentric Feminist Analysis 



Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 74-90. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.74

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Good Governance and Citizen’s Trust in Pakistan: A Moderation Effect of Unethical Behavior

Muhammad MUZAFFAR, Yeo Sook FERN & Zahid YASEEN


Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 91-108. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.91

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Current Status of Family Caregivers Providing Excretion Care for Older People Requiring Care while Using Multiple Home Life Support Services

Yoshiko ENOMOTO, Yuko FUJIO, Miyako SAITO, Noriko OGAWA & Fusae KONDO


Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26 109-121. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.109

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From Crisis to Hope: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Boris Johnson’s Easter Day Speech

Abeer Khalaf HUSSEIN, Ali Hussein HAZEM & Maha M. Al-GAILANY


Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 122-134. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.122

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A Study on the Impact of Refugee Influx on the Agricultural Service, Systems and Products; The Case of Rohingya Refugees in Teknaf, Bangladesh

S M Asik ULLAH, MD Abiar RAHMAN, Zabid Al RIYADH, Keya Rani DAS & Masakazu TANI


Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 135-151. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.135

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Development of a Comfort Scale for Community Old Dwellers with Mild Cognitive Decline

Yukie SUZUKI, Shizuko TANIGAKI & Noboru IWATA


Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 152-164. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.152

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A Survey of Towards the Utilization of Volunteers as a Preventive Measure for Cognitive Decline in the Elderly; Nursing Care Scenes in an Acute Care Hospital Setting



Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 165-181. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.165

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An Analysis of the Feasibility of Implementing Art Workshops in Disability Facilities in Japan; A Qualitative Analysis Utilizing the Grounded Theory Approach based on Saiki's Theory

Xuejiao XIE


Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 182-197. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.182

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Policy Effectiveness Analysis of the Korean Senior Employment and Social Activity Support Program (SESAP): Focusing on the Senior Internship Program

Moonjung KIM & Jin KIM


Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 198-213. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.198

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Current Status and Issues of Support for Selective Mutism at Employment/Career Transition Support Offices for People with Disabilities in Japan



Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 214-222. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.214

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Psychosocial Impact of Sexual Abuse: A Phenomenological Analysis

Jaishree KARTHIGA R K & Vijayabanu U  


Asian J of Human Services. 2024, 26, 223-230. DOI: 10.14391/ajhs.26.223

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