Editorial Board & Editorial Staff



  • Masahiro KOHZUKI
    Yamagata Prefectural University of Health Sciences (Japan)


  • Injae LEE
    Hanshin University (Korea) 
  • Satoru EBIHARA
    Tohoku University (Japan)


  • Changwan HAN
    Shimonoseki City University (Japan) 
  • Guo QI
    Tianjin Medical University (China) 
  • Hsintai LIN
    National Taiwan Noraml University (Taiwan) 
  • Inkeri RUOKONEN
    University of Helsinki (Finland) 
  • Jaewon LEE
    Pukyong National University (Korea) 
  • Jenyi LI
    Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
  • Jung Won SONN
    University College London (UK) 
  • Kagari SHIBAZAKI
    University of Huddersfield (UK)
  • Nigel A MARSHALL
    University of Sussex (UK) 
  • Osamu ITO
    Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University (Japan) 
  • Petr DOBŠÁK
    Masaryk University (Czech) 
  • Sunwoo LEE
    Inje University (Korea)
  • Taekyun YOO
    Soongsil University (Korea) 
  • Youngchoul KIM
    University of Evansville (USA) 
  • Yuichiro HARUNA
    National Institute of Vocational Rehabilitation (Japan) 
  • Zhongli JIANG
    First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University (China)


  • Aiko KOHARA
    Shimonoseki City University (Japan) 
  • Minji KIM
    Shimonoseki City University (Japan) 
  • Moonjung KIM
    Korea Labor Force Development Institute for the aged (Korea) 
  • Natsuki YANO
    University of the Ryukyus (Japan)

The Rule on the Operation of the Editorial Board for Asian Journal of Human Services

Chapter 1. General Provision

Article 1 (Purposes)
This Rule stipulates the direction and standard of edit of Asian Journal of Human Services (hereafter, “AJHS”), which is published by ASHS.


Article 2 (Detailed Rules)
The conditions that are not stipulated in this Rule may be determined by the editorial board of AJHS and added to the Rule on the Operation of the Editorial Board for AJHS.


Article 3 (Frequency and Date of Publication)
AJHS shall be published twice a year, on April 30 and October 31.

Chapter 2. Editorial Board

Article 4 (Editorial Board)
The editorial board shall be established to achieve the purposes stipulated in Article 1.


Article 5 (Organization of Editorial Board)
1. The editor-in-chief shall be appointed according to Article 8 (Appointment of Executive Members), by the chairpersons through the recommendation of the executive office.
2. The editor-in-chief may appoint multiple board members of editors who have conducted researches in the field of human services, regardless of nationality.
3. The editorial board shall be composed of the following executive members:
A. Editor-in-Chief
B. Executive Editor
C. Board Member of Editors
D. Editorial Assistant
4. The term of the board member of editors shall be two (2) years.



Article 6 (Qualifications of the Board Member of Editors)
The board member of editors shall have the following qualifications:
1. The editor-in-chief must have a doctoral degree.
2. The editor-in-chief shall have accumulated research achievements that can be recognized by international associations, such as SCI and SSCI.
3. The editor-in-chief shall appoint the board member of editors among people with outstanding research performances in the fields of human services, if necessary for the organization of the editorial board.

Chapter 3. Review of Articles


 Article 7 (Acceptable Articles)
Review shall be conducted only for articles written pursuant to the regulation for the submission of articles of AJHS. Therefore, authors should write and submit articles in accordance with the regulations for the submission of articles of AJHS. Review may not be implemented for articles that have too many violations of the regulations of AJHS.


Article 8 (Appointment of Reviewers and Payment of Review Fee)
1. Three reviewers shall be appointed by the editor-in-chief based on the recommendations of the board member of editors, among the specialists in the field.
2. Two reviewers shall be selected from among the external members, and one from among the internal members of ASHS.
3. The reviewers may be paid a certain fee.


1. This regulation shall become effective beginning on September 1, 2011.
2. The amended regulation shall become effective beginning on April 1, 2016.

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