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We would like to announce changes to the Asian Journal of Human Services (AJHS) submission system. From April 1, 2023, Editorial Manager®(EM) will be introduced as AJHS's submission and peer review system. EM® has been adopted by more than 7,600 publications from various publishers around the world and is one of the most widely used submission and peer review systems in the world. From now on, all submissions will only be accepted through EM®. Please note that we cannot accept direct submissions to the AJHS Editorial Office email. If you plan to submit, you will need to register a new ID and password. Please check our Privacy Policy when registeringMoreover, the submission format will be new Article format from the October 2023 (Vol.25).


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Aims and scope

   The word ‘Human Services’ is used when someone faces social challenges for ‘help’ or ‘support’ people. ‘Human Services’ is expanding rapidly its area such as field of social welfare, medical, nursing, clinical psychology related mental care, health promotion for aging society, assist family for infant and child care, special supporting education corresponding to vocational education, education support sector corresponding to era of lifelong learning and fluidization of employment corresponding to the area of career development.

   Human Services area, if its research methods are scientific, is internationally accepted and greater development is expected by collaborative research which is performed by multinational and multi-profession. This journal aims to contribute to the progress and development of Asian Human Services.

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